Managed Professional
Outsourcing (MPO)


You carry out IT-services with your own resources and have already outsourced parts of your service to a service provider and are now in search of professional support for optimising (enhancement of quality at steady or the same costs) your business and have - for example - the following questions:

  • Which strategy is the best to guarantee high-quality services at reasonable costs?
  • Which procedure guarantees my success when outsourcing IT-services to a service provider?
  • Which is the best conception for managing and/or providing IT-services?
  • Is outsourcing or insourcing the most advantageous solution?
  • How can I achieve a successful project execution?

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Managed Professional
Contracting (MPC)


You have decided to transfer some or all IT services to a service provider and are now looking for a professional support for the execution of the Contract Management and you got questions like for example:

  • How do I achieve the professional elaboration and implementation of an - for me - ideal strategy and tactic on basis of the balance of power and relations for the contract negotiations?
  • How do I conclude a future-oriented and flexible contract tailored to my requirements/needs?
  • How do I reach a professional negotiations management with factors, strategic models and the respective suitable negotiation styles to obtain a fair contract in the end?

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Prime Service
Management (PSM)


You have already transferred some or all of your IT services to a service provider but you do not get the service you requested and are now asking yourself:

  • Why the quality does not meet my expectations?
  • Why my service provider keeps telling me how great it is but my end-users / customers complain often or permanently about the bad and insufficient service?
  • Why do I have to pay more for the agreed service every time?

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