Training / Coaching

Within the scope of our task training and/or coaching measure are individually designed in accordance with your requirements, demands and problems. The following gives a selection of topics in the area of training and coaching:

  • General Management Qualifying
  • Qualifying to be a Business Service Manager (planning, management and control of the Business Services)
  • Qualifying to be a Service Delivery Manager (planning, management an control of Service Provider)
  • Qualifying to be a Business Process Improvement Manager
  • Establishment and coaching of teams
  • Communication training
  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management (self-management)
  • Serviceperformance / Empowerment
  • Peronnel Management

To secure/ensure your success and for the establishment of a professional training strategy we execute – depending on the requirements of the knowledge intensity which shall be conveyed – an analysis of single up to all change-domains for you.