Crises Management

Methods to manage and overcome a crisis

In the following the “AM BERG“ (at the mountain)-method shall be presented in a short form. Important is the flexibility of the management to adjust to the requirements of the crisis and to act solution oriented. Relevant solution possibilities should contain the following aspects:

  • Consideration of the economic aspects of the company
  • Benefits for the customer
  • Comprehensive solution of the problem (not only parts of it)
  • Continuous and professional communication with all involved parties

The "AM BERG"-method passes through the following steps:

  • A nalysis of the cause of the problem incl. damage assessment
  • M possibilities of a problem solution incl. prospects/predictions
  • B enefit for the customer and for the company to be presented
  • E seek the consent (agreement)
  • R ealisation
  • G ains from the crisis to be saved for future preventions of crises

The following graph shall cause an association with the term "AM BERG" and can be didactically validated.

Am Berg Methode