Performance Management

Performance is characterised by the combination of the following skills:


Not everybody is expected to know everything. Each of us has a special field for which he has the required competences to be the best. With specialists in a company organisation a competent contact partner for the others has been appointed whereas in turn specialists of other fields are the contact partner for us.

The balance – based on the reciprocity – strengthens the position and importance of the individual and increases in this way the effectiveness of the company.


LifePerformance means to be privately and professionally successful in different roles; to reach the limits of the personal ability to work under pressure and to react in critical situations self-confidently and calmly. These are the requirements of today.

Softskills like mental strengths and psychic strengths, sovereignty and results-orientation are required in all different areas of life.

To look at profession and private life as equal elements and to tread them time wise equally is an important point of LifePerformance.

The most important components of life – body, sense, performance and contact – are being used and kept in balance.


To reach certain targets is only possible with the necessary motivation. However, not the motivation of the morning which only reaches from jumping out of the warm bed up to the first look into the pitiless mirror. Long-time motivation is required. Define consciously for yourself smaller, achievable targets at then in the end you will reach your absolute, most important target, your dream.


Today time is most precious thing for every person: it is short, irreversible, not storable and not increasable. Time is running continuously – quietly and without a chance that we could change it.

And what many of us depress in particular: nobody knows how much he still got!

Therefore, only one remedy helps:

an effective time management at the professional as well as the private level.