Project Management

The Project Management defines all services from the beginning of the project upto the completion and approval of the project. In combination of the Quality, Resources, Configuration as well as Problem, Change and Risk Management ADBEX® GmbH ensures the compliance of the agreed services to the customer.

Trigger for a project can be deficits, expansions, requirement for changes, in- or outsourcing and many other reasons.

The following graphic shall demonstrate the complex subject of "Project Management" pursuant to the own framework of ADBEX® GmbH in a more simple way:


The process of a project is separated into 4 phases:

  • Orientation phase
  • Planning phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Operation

During the orientation phase in most cases it is unclear which concrete targets should be achieved. In general the Customer Management makes a decision in accordance with the vision of the company and the company’s strategy und defines on its own and/or with the support of an external consultancy measurements and targets which shall be assured by the Project Management in a qualitative, monetary and timely organised manner.
In the planning phase the Project Management actively takes part in the professional realisation/implementation. The following graphic shall demonstrate the project flow during the planning phase in a simplified way::

Projektmanagement: Planungsphase

After the successful completion of the planning phase – via presentation of detailed concept approved by the customer – the Project Management attends the implementation phase until the final transfer into operation. The following graphic shall demonstrate the project flow of during the implementation phase in a simplified way:

Projektmanagement: Realisierungsphase

After the successful completion of the implementation phase – with handing-over the project content to the operation – the Project Management will document the knowledge gained from the project for reuse. Insofar, the permanent and continuous further development is guaranteed (lesson learned) for the customer and for ADBEX® GmbH.