Recruiting platform

For the effective and efficient processing of our project we have developed a recruiting platform which is based on a three-step concept.


  • Basic functionalities of the „Resources / External Management“
  • Collection and maintenance of company data
  • Allocation of premium partners
  • Collection and maintenance of staff personnel data


  • Procurement and order management
  • Resources Management during the different project phases
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Obtaining and processing of offers
  • Use of templates


  • Controlling
  • Budget overview
  • Contract overview

The motivation to develop a Recruiting-platform was based on the fact that in the economy the most common method to engage external resources is mainly based on paper form, supported by MS-Office-analyses. Thereby the following optimisation potentials arose:

  • Transparency and traceability of decisions
  • Transparency of the selection criteria
  • Transfer of the “head-monopole” from the procurement (resources or external manager) into a data base
  • Overview/listing of the incurred liabilities/made commitments
  • Budget-overview / control
  • Reduction of time and effort and expenses
  • Clear process structure
  • Significant cost savings

In case we can support you with our Recruiting Platform please, contact us.