IT-Future Management

The IT- Future Management enables the customer of ADBEX® GmbH to consider threats and chances of the future while planning a strategy for a successful business direction of the company.
Anticipatory thinking and acting during the project phase „vision and strategy“ becomes more and more essential which is proven by the successful in- / outsourcing project of ADBEX® GmbH. The IT-Future Management contains in the as-is-analysis (inside view) on basis of the hexagon of a change

  • the processes
  • the organisation,
  • the place of location
  • the applications
  • the data and
  • the technologies

of the company. In the second step – the outside view – future changes of competitors, customers, markets, technologies, personal resource situations and if necessary, political frame conditions in the national and/or international business will be identified.
Furthermore, the „best practice“ approaches - available in the market - will be evaluated during the process of the Future Management of  ADBEX® with regard to their adding value for the in- / outsourcing project of the customer. Besides the Business IT-alignments (IT governance) ITIL, CobiT and other standards will be taken into consideration for the alignment of the IT with regard to the business targets. For all projects of ADBEX® GmbH great importance is given to the permanent continuation of the IT-Future Management so that the success of the project will result in a lasting company success. For it among other the Business IT-Alignments an important pillar and contains the following:

  • the effective and efficient management of the IT
  • the continuous alignment of the IT with the targets and processes of the company and the support of the company in achieving the company targets (Strategic Alignment)
  • the responsible and sustainable assignment of IT-resources (personnel, systems, funds > > Resources Management)
  • to identify, assess/evaluate and to manage the IT-risks (Risk Management)
  • the measurement of the performance of IT-processes and services (Performance Measurement)
  • the valuation of the value proposition of the IT (Value Delivery)